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Does my pet have Fleas

Posted on July 14, 2014 at 4:11 PM Comments comments (490)
Fleas pose a serious threat to your pet's health. Besides causing skin irritation, scratching, lesions and hair loss, fleas can also cause anemia, especially in puppies or
kittens, and give your pets tapeworms. 
To get your fleas under control first it will  involve patience then you will need to bathe your pet with a flea shampoo or use a dip to eliminate as many fleas as you can. Then begin a flea program to keep them from coming back. There on many products you can use.
Topicals-are flea products applied directly to the pet's skin between the shoulder blades so the pet can't lick it. Dosage is usually one time each month.
Oral Flea control-is administered by feeding a table orally either by placing directly into the mouth, or hiding it in food.
Collars-are simply place around your pets neck and offer the same protection as topical. Most are water-resistant and can offer 4-8 months protection if used properly.
Sprays-quickly kill, repel and prevent re-infestation and are quickly applied. Great for when bathing is not an option.
Treat your home
Many people forget to get rid of them in the home. Fleas & flea eggs can fall off your pet anywhere your pet roams & love to hide in carpets & furniture. You must vacuum daily.
Use carpet powders, foggers in large open areas & sprays on your baseboards,moldings, cracks & under furniture where foggers can't reach. Wash your pet's bedding weekly. If you prefer natural methods of flea control dust pet bedding & surrounding areas with Diatomaceous Earth, it is made of fossils that scratch the insect's out shell causing death by dehydration. Be sure to clean & treat all areas where your pet spends time.
Hope this answers a few of those pest-y questions.