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            Lake City Feed & Seed Inc.

                        We carry one of the largest and complete line of feeds

            The Pride premium pet foods

Kalmbach large and small animal feeds, Featuring Tribute Equine 

Deer feed available : 09/25/16

-Bagged Apples $5.00

-Corn with Molasses 40lbs $7.00

-Whole Shelled Corn 50lbs $7.00

-Cracked Corn 50lbs $7.00

-Bagged Cobb Corn $4.00 (6 for $20)

-Bagged Beets $4.00 (6 for $20)

-Bagged Carrot $4.00 (6 for $20)


(apprx. 800 lbs) $40.00

Deer Feed/Attractants:

Magnum Buck

- Corn-Apple Flavor Deer Block 25lbs$11.50

Sweet Deer Corn 40lbs


-Heartland Autumn Harvest

-Heartland Lick Magic Mineral

-Heartland Whitetail Antler Magic

For a complete line of attractants and feeds offered by Heartland, click below.


20-35lbs $20.00


-Big&J BB2 Deer Block 25lbs $22.99

-Big&J BB2 Deer Granular 40lbs $29.99

-Big&J BB2 Deer Granular 20lbs $17.99

-Big&J XX Enhance

-Big&J Lucky Lick

-Big&J Meltdown

-Big&J Legit

-Big&J Deadly Dust

For a complete line of attractants and feeds offered by Big&J, click below.

Lucky Buck

-Lucky Buck Mineral Lick Bucket 20lbs $14.99

For a complete line of attractants and feeds offered by Lucky Buck, click below.

Evolved Habitat

-Buck Jam Ripe Apple Flavor 1 gallon

-Buck Jam Sweet Corn Flavor 1 gallon

-Buck Jam Honey Acorn Flavor 1 gallon

Buck Jam Gallon Instant Lick Mineral

-Buck Lickers Sweet Corn & Molasses

-Buck Licker Apple Mineral

-Buck Licker Sweet Acorn

-Buck Licker Wild Persimmon

-Deer Cane Liquid Gallon

-Deer Cane Rack Rock Crush Black-Magic

For a complete line of Minerals offered by Evolved Habitats, click below.

WildGame Innovations

-Fall Feast Crush Real Sweet Potatoes, Carrots & Pumpkins Crushed

                                                       Into a Concentrated Orange Powder.                

-Sugar Beet Crush Real Sugar Beets Crushed and Blended Into

                                                           A Concentrated Deer Attractant Powder.                

-Apple Crush Real Apples Crushed and Blended Into A Concentrated


-Apple Crush Lick-N-Brick 4lbs

-Fall Feast Crush Lick-N-Brick 4lbs

For a complete line of Minerals offered by WildGame Innovations, click below. food-plots.html

Trophy Feast Made in Michigan

-Natures Feast 5lbs bag $10.00

-Cherry 5lbs bag $10.00

-Apple 5lbs bag $10.00

-Licorice 5lbs bag $10.00

-Apple Mineral 5lbs

-Apple Mineral Bucket 20lbs

-Apple Mineral Bucket 40lbs