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            Lake City Feed & Seed Inc.

                        We carry one of the largest and complete line of feeds

            The Pride premium pet foods

Kalmbach large and small animal feeds, Featuring Tribute Equine 

We carry a very complete line of Kalmbach Feeds.


- 28% Gamebird Medicated Starter Crumbles

- 22% All-Natural Start to Finish Meat Bird Crumbles

- 22% Non-GMO Start to Finish Meat Bird Crumbles

- 20% All-Natural Full Plume Feathering Feed Layer Crumbles

- 20% All-Natural Flock Starter Crumbles

- 18% All-Natural Start Right Chick Crumbles

- 17% All-Natural Chicken Layer Pellets

- 17% Non-GMO Layer Crumbles

- 17% Non-GMO Layer Pellets

- 17% Organic Layer Crumbles

For Kalmbachs Complete line of Poultry products click the link below.

Tribute Equine


  Low Starch and Sugar

-Kalm 'N EZ' Textured

-Kalm 'N EZ' Pelleted

  Mature Horses

- Maturity GC Textured

- Maturity Textured

-Maturity Pelleted

  Mares and Foals

-Growth Textured

  Sweet Feed

- Sweet Country 12 Textured

  Ration Balancers

- Essential K


-K Finish

-Kalm Ultra

  Special Supplements


-Cool Calories 100

-Cool Omega 40+

-Tribute Advance Paste

-Trib's Treats -Apple



For Kalmbachs Complete line of Equine products click the link below.

visit for a complete line of products available, we can have any of these products in store in a week or two

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