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            Lake City Feed & Seed Inc.

                        We carry one of the largest and complete line of feeds

            The Pride premium pet foods

Kalmbach large and small animal feeds, Featuring Tribute Equine 

The Pride

We Carry in store:

Pro Series 21/17 & 27/20 - These products are designed for serious dog breeders and owners that demand the best performance from their dogs. Both are available in 20 lb and 50 lb bags,

30/20 Puppy Formula - The Pride Puppy/Growth Formula is designed for gestating, lactating females and puppies up to 12 months of age. Can also be used for post-surgical and debilitated dogs that have extra nutrient requirements. Also helpful for maintaining muscle mass and stamina for dogs in extremely stressful conditions. Available in 10 lb, 25 lb, and 50 lb bags.

Adult Performance 26/18 - Designed for dogs that are in highly competitive and stressful environments. By feeding the adult performance, you can be assured that your dog will have a nutritional advantage. Available in 50 lb Bags.

Endurance Plus 24/20 & Professional Field Blend 27/18 - formulated to meet the demand of the hardworking dog. Whether on the farm, or in the field, these two dog foods will provide all the nutrients and energy required for extended performance. Each are available in 50 lb bags in store.

22/12 Adult - formulated for the single dog owner, and designed for value-minded consumers. Adult 22/12 offers many features of much higher priced products without sacrificing quality or performance. Available in 50 lb bags,

21/10 Maintenance - a nutritionally balanced formulation for the adult dog, and offers the economically conscious consumer many features of higher priced dog foods. Available in 50 lb bags in store.

31/22-High Performance dog food. Available in 50lb bags

For a full product line and list of ingredients, please visit:

*All information courtesy of The Pride's website, listed above.